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Why Choose WSG

WSG has the skill.

At the end of the day, contingency recruiting is a highly developed skill that is not learned quickly and it is not learned alone. Some people try it, wing it and have success just because of luck. They don't often last for the long haul. You may be surprised to learn how many recruiters are brought into their firms because of their contacts or because they have industry experience yet are never trained in the important soft skills of partnering with client and candidates effectively.

Our Recruiters are industry experienced.

You can't afford to wait until the recruiter gets up to speed on your industry's inner workings. Hire a recruiter that can hit the ground running. Our recruiters have work experience within the fields in which they recruit.

We have exceptional listening skills.

It is critical that your needs are understood fully. You are the customer so when you describe your company's goals and your requirements for your new employee, we listen and ask questions for understanding. We do the same when screening candidates, and must understand their needs. Good listening makes for great matches.

We are assertive and decisive.

It takes a certain personality to find, and then attract people to a given opportunity. We have what it takes to do recruiting effectively building relationships along the way. We are organized and efficient which means we can move quickly and screen efficiently. How? Because we know our marketplaces and can be decisive about our matches. We call countless numbers of people prior to presenting you anyone in an effort to present the 'best' person, not the first person.

We are flexible.

Not all searches are the same. Your company is unique and you should not allow a recruiter to fit you into a cookie-cutter approach to hiring.

We are relentless in seeking a positive result

A company needs a consistently reliable, reputable firm they can count on. We are very picky about the quality of the search process and the recruiter who will be performing the search. We keep working even if the going gets tough. Not all recruiting firms are the same. Call us today at (616) 820-6023 to get started.


Cost Effective

For certain strategic positions, it is more cost effective to use a Contingency firm like Workforce Search Group. Our fee is usually lower than what a company spends recruiting their own person and best of all we do it faster. You do not spend weeks or months and end up using a search firm in the end anyway. The best people just cannot be found by traditional in-house methods. You invest in many kinds of capital, why not in your most important asset -
human capital.

Extensive Networks

The best candidates are often passive, not really looking for a job but may change for just the right position. They don't respond to your ads and the people who do may not really fit the job. Our firm utilizes advanced search techniques, qualified researchers and more to find people for your openings. You are paying for our skill and our networks. We don't even mind sharing revenue with other firms if it means making the right and best match for you. Our focus is solely on YOU getting the BEST available, not just
someone available.

Our Strengths

  • Extensively Trained
  • Exceptional Listeners
  • Approachable and Friendly
  • Relentless Results Chasers
  • Industry Experienced
  • Extensive Networks
  • We work hard to be the best recruiters in West Michigan. Let us put our strengths to work for you!