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We don't 'wing it' like so many other recruiting firms. Rather, we follow a consistent, methodical process.

Like many industries, the recruiting marketplace is ever-changing. There have been recent technology changes that have impacted recruiting significantly. At Workforce Search Group, we stay current by adapting our process as new tools become available. Our process is consistent and measurable. Our recruiters maintain key performance metrics so they can continually focus on process improvement. Our goal is to have the best recruiters in the industry.

Your company's productivity and competitive advantage are on the line.

At Workforce Search Group, we know that it is critical to ensure our 'time to start' is as short as possible yet this must be obtained without sacrificing the 'quality of the hire.' These two goals can be at odds if a process is not carefully managed. Some recruiting firms only send people who are already in their files for the sake of speed without looking for the best fit. Still other firms are so rigid in finding a match that they think is right for a given company that the search is impossible and they walk away. We work smarter, balancing the two objectives. We do this by digging, profiling and screening out countless people before we send you any candidates.

You can rest assured that you will get the best candidates, not the first candidate we find.

We maintain the highest standards in the industry striving for a 100% fit. This is possible because we keep the communication lines with you open letting you know where we are, what struggles we may be having and what viable candidates you may want to consider. Our marketplace knowledge helps us help you make decisions. We feel we are supportive and coach to clients with their best interests always in the forefront. By marrying time and quality with precision and purpose, you win.

We have developed a unique process allowing us to be efficient with your time and still do an extensive search. Our recruiters have been thoroughly trained about our process and in the techniques it takes to accomplish each step. Most firms will tell you they follow the same basic process; finding people, qualifying people, presenting people and closing before the final transition into the company. The difference is in how these steps are executed. We see recruiting as a learned talent that if taught correctly and supervised diligently from the beginning, will bring great results. At Workforce Search Group we have a formal training program that all of our recruiters go through once they are on board even if they come to us with experience that we have previously checked out and trust. We teach much more than how it's done. We delve into the why so our recruiters end up with a psychological understanding of the impact their work has on a company's bottom line and the impact they make in a candidate's life.

When we take on a full search effort we fill it!

When you work with Workforce Search Group, you'll get the "real deal." We'll tell you upfront what we can do for you and we set expectations together. No matter what your needs are, we will use all the tools at our disposal to help you. When we take on a full search, we clear our desks and dedicate our full attention until you get the very best candidate available. Call us today at (616) 820-6023 or send us a note to get started today.


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