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Workforce Search Group is a leading West Michigan provider of highly skilled technical and management level professionals and certain industry specific professionals and executives.

Our services are performed mainly on a Contingency basis meaning you only pay for it if you hire someone we recommend. Some of us are also experienced in doing Retained Search work in situations where companies require this special service. We offer contract services to our clients as well. We do this in two ways. We can do the search and placement or we can be the payroll entity for a company that has found their own person. We are very competitive in this arena!

Our recruiters are effective professionals themselves tackling each search with passion and care. We won't waste your time we will tell you what to expect, what we can or cannot do, and we will remain flexible, adapting the process mid search if necessary. We have an in depth understanding of each position we are filling and this is not by luck. We know how to ask the right questions, are experienced in the industries for which we recruit and we know where to go and how to attract the talent you require.

Recruiting is an art. Sadly, there are too many people jumping into this business who are not experienced. It takes more than having industry contacts to be successful. Effective recruiters will have the skill and the stamina to see a search through. Recruiting excellence will save you time, money, and most of all, frustration. A firm that you can trust is like gold and proven performers are rare. Don't take chances. Work with us and you will have 30 years of experience on your side.

The Best Candidates Brought To You

We are cost effective, saving you precious time and money.

Hiring an employee, especially high caliber professionals, takes a tremendous amount of time and resources for a company. More importantly, it distracts current employees from doing what they were hired to do and this can hurt productivity and morale. This is just one of the intangible costs in doing a search yourself. In the end, an analysis may have proven that using a search firm made better sense, time or money wise. The key is selecting which positions are appropriate to go out to firms like ours and which to keep in house. We can help you with that because we know the marketplace well. So many searches come to us after a company spent months to no avail. Why double your costs. Working with Workforce Search Group up front, will give you the insight you need to make the right decisions.

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Human Capital can make or break a company. You need more than a body in a seat.

If you are a hiring manager trying to fill your own positions, it is likely you use traditional methods of finding candidates. The number of responses you receive will vary depending upon so many factors such as the attractiveness of the write-up to the shortage of people available. You may end up with very few viable candidates, if you get any at all. The truth is the very best candidates are not necessarily looking for a new position so they do not search through ads and are extremely careful in where their resumes go. Many prefer working with recruiters who can screen for them and know what they want. We know of these hidden jewels or we go find them for you. The people you hire should be highly engaged, contributing team members that make a bottom line difference. That is what you get when working with us.

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When you need confidentiality our search firm is the answer.

Every manager knows that there are people on their staff that are the top performers, average or on the low end of performance. To have the best operating unit, a company needs to have ALL top or above average performers. There are times when it is time to replace someone who holds a key position in the company. Because of the position they hold, you cannot afford to release them until you have a replacement ready to take on the role. We will conduct a quiet and confidential search that protects your identity yet allows you to review candidates in your own way, in your own time. We can be trusted in protecting our privileged relationships with clients and candidates.

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Employer Information

At Workforce Search Group we are an extension of your company when we are recruiting for you. We go the extra mile to fully understand your company and the unique requirements of the position. With a small investment, you will have astonishing results. Below you will find some helpful information about working with us.