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Are you serious about a change?

When a Workforce Search Group recruiter becomes your agent, we clear our desks and work nearly exclusively to place you. This is impossible to do with everyone so we must be selective, picking only the best to represent in the marketplace. When you are selected, we work hard on your behalf calling employers selectively and confidentially. Your current situation is carefully protected until such time both parties are interested in one another. This process opens doors that may never have been opened to you before. Not all employers advertise. They hire when the right person comes along. Job hunting is extremely time-consuming, even for those not working, so working people have a real challenge. Timing is everything. By working with us agent style, you won't miss out on great opportunities.

Let us be on the lookout for you.

Isn't it just a wise thing to keep your eyes and ears open even if you are more passive in needing to change jobs? We offer agent style recruiting but most people we work with are less active, waiting for the right thing. They work with us to stay informed or to hear of things that could be wonderful for their careers. AT WSG, we work to the pace you set. Once we know what that right job or situation is, we only call if we think we have a match. New job openings from companies are surfaced regularly so if we have your information we can alert you to any new openings that fit your profile. Once a candidate, always a candidate and while you may not hear often from us, when those right matches come along, you will get to hear about them. If your status changes, we make note of that too being very respectful of your time and wishes.

When working with a recruiter, you want experience!

Here at Workforce Search Group we have experience placing professionals at all levels. Our recruiters have placed people throughout Michigan but currently specialize in West Michigan companies. We place at big and small companies making matches that work for both parties. Our discipline areas include many types of engineers, technicians and plant personnel along with their management counterparts in a variety of industries to include automotive, furniture and food processing. We place information technology professionals and human resources professionals in companies of all industries. We hire experienced recruiters most often with backgrounds in the fields in which they place.

You've Got Nothing To Lose

Free Service

You will never be charged for our service no matter whether we work more actively with you as an agent, or whether we find an opening that matches your skills. Your future employer always pays our fee. We will work hard to place you into a job that meets your needs. If you are interested in finding out what level of service we can provide to you, give us a call. We will explore the possibilities together.


You'll rest easy knowing that your job search is being done with the utmost care by true professionals. We are serious, well trained recruiters who know how the job change process impacts your life. We connect in ways beyond the match, supporting you through the process. You can expect good communication from us and you can know, we won't reveal your information randomly or without your permission due to our stringent confidentiality policies and procedures.

Could This
Be You?

  • You really want a new challenge but work so hard you have no time to look for something else? It takes time to fill out those on line applications, look at the boards, and write the cover letters and you just don't have the time.
  • You are generally content in your current position. You hadn't really planned on looking for a new job, yet you know deep down there is a little something missing.
  • You are somewhat unhappy in your work but deep inside, you are fearful of starting all over. You worry if you change companies, you will be low on the totem pole.

If you are in a situation like these, we're here to help. We understand the business of job placement. We will listen, help you assess your career situation and advise as possible. Take charge of your life for you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.