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Not all recruiters are the same.

Different skills match the type of recruiting being done. We place only professionals, not temps, not independent contractors but rather people that want to work directly for an employer of their choice.

Experience really does matter.

Professional search is a skill that is learned over time. Mistakes get made along the way and instincts get built. Working with experienced, well-trained recruiters makes a big difference in results but also in your experience during the process.

You can trust us.

We know that our reputation depends on the relationships we make and we know that trust is the basis for those relationships. We always keep your best interests at heart and we can be trusted in matters of confidentiality. Our network is one of our greatest strengths and we strive to maintain it through strong communication which goes along with any good relationship. We have high integrity.

In all business matters we follow the ethical guidelines of the National Association of Personnel Services, the premier association for our industry. We go beyond those standards in the way we interact with both clients and candidates and handle situations with care. We have familiarity with the fields in which we place.

Our recruiters are hired with this in mind and most often come straight from the very fields in which they place people. This means they understand your industry best.

We care deeply about helping you.

It's our job to understand what you can do well and what sets you apart from other candidates and we take that job very seriously. You will find us to be compassionate in our personal dealings and passionate in our work. When we help you improve your situation in some way or we place you into a new job you love, there is no better feeling.


Extensive Network

We network with companies all over West Michigan building strong relationships. We can be proactive in working with you or, if you prefer, keep a low profile waiting for certain positions to open up. If you want to relocate, we may be able to help with that too. One thing is for sure, working with a recruiter expands your ability to have choice for we can become aware of things you would never find on your own. We know our marketplace well.

We Like People

We are in the people business for we put candidates together with clients. We may not be able to help everyone that comes to us, but we do respect every individual that comes to us. Since people are interesting in so many ways, we learn a great deal along the way of helping them. In the end, we know that everyone has a contribution to make and our job is to match that contribution to where it can make a difference.


  • Plant Manager
  • Material Handling
  • Production Supervisors
  • EHS
  • Maintenance
  • Technicians
  • Information Systems
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Finance
  • Accounting
  • Engineers Plus Management Levels of Same
  • Quality, Manufacturing, Process, Design, Industrial, Project, Program Computer, Electrical, Product, Systems
  • Production
  • Plant Managers, Supervisors, EHS, Maintenance, Technicians, Material Handling
  • Other
  • Informations Systems
    Human Resources
    Manufacturing Finance & Acct
  • ... and many more!