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Having a great resume or being a great interviewer will not serve you until you know and can articulate what you want and what resources are available to you.

Examine your own career to date in terms of its progression. Is it where you thought it would be? If not, examine your career/job strength areas and shortcomings to understand where you best fit. During your search, target jobs that play to your strengths. If you frequently see job opportunities that ask for skills you are just missing, fill in the gaps by taking courses or doing your own research. While it may delay your new career a little while, you will find that once your skills are current and up-to-date the possibilities are endless.

The extra effort will be worth it as you experience the difference in what possibilities open up to you.

Talk to your current boss to get new types of expertise or more exposure into trending areas. For example, if you need to learn about a new manufacturing tool that is all the rage, talk to people in your field to learn about it. Compare it to what is familiar to you and be able to speak about the differences or your ability to learn it quickly. If you have weak organization skills, take training and implement improvements. If you are not experienced in speaking publicly and it is important to your work, take public speaking courses. There are endless ways to improve your chances of landing that great job.

Get in touch with a recruiter that knows your market and can keep you informed about where you stand within it. When it comes to your career, you should be picky.

Not all recruiters are the same. At Workforce Search Group we treat people as the individuals they are, each unique with their own special skills. We help your explore your career and we help you be the best you can be in terms of presenting that package effectively. Some people are great performers but not such great interviewers or resume writers etc. We make sure you get seen for what you can do for a company as it relates to what they need done. We get to know you and make sure you are only presented on positions that you are qualified for and that make your career goals too.

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We can help you figure it all out! You are likely quite good at what you do. Just like you, we are good at what we do. We know about what's hot, what jobs pay well, how employers make decisions, finding a job or leveraging a career effectively. Let us be your career coach so you get top results that match your goals.

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Some people simply don't know how to tap their own greatness or what is appropriate to put on a resume. We help you focus and think through why an employer should want to hire you if you need that type of support. We don't just submit resumes and sit around waiting hoping the employers like what is on a piece of paper. We talk to you and talk to them to determine if the match is a good one.